Simply put, Purple Bomb is an e-liquid that will rock your taste buds with grapeness! If you love the sweetness of a crisp and juicy purple grape, then you will really dig the VGOD Purple Bomb e-juice. It’s bursting with sweet and scrumptious Concord grapes from the start of the pull and has an extra sweet candy kick to it.

Yep, that’s right, no fake artificial tasting grape here at VGOD. Purple Bomb is a sweet tasting, in your face grape e-juice that is blended with a 70/30 VG/PG blend for the best flavor transfer, smooth throat hits and billowy clouds. And if it couldn’t get any better, VGOD mixologists mixed up Purple Bomb Iced with an icy menthol finish for those folks who appreciate that cooling exhilaration with their grapes.

And for all you salt nicotine fans out there, Purple Bomb and Purple Bomb Iced is also available with a SaltNic kick for all your low wattage refillable devices. Beautifully blended for higher nicotine strengths at 50mg or 25mg for thrilling throat hits with unbeatable grape essence.  

With the mention of grape essence, this leads us to the question of why are grapes so fascinating? We came up with a list that you might spark your own fascination.

1. Grapes are actually berries.
2. Scientists claim that certain grape varieties have been around for some 65 million years.
3. There are 60 different species and 8,000 grape varieties that exist on Earth.
4. Hieroglyphics exist showing that the ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks grew purple grapes to eat and make wine.
5. The average grape eating individual consumes around 7 lbs of grapes a year.
6. The oldest grape vine in the United States is a Scuppernong vine in North Carolina and is 400 years old.
7. Ashrita Furman holds a Guinness Book of Work Record for eating 186 grapes in 3 minutes.
8. The United States imports more than 568,000 tons of table grapes a year.

So clearly, Americans and the rest of the world really love grapes! They have been around for a long time and are definitely not fading away. So get your grape on with some of VGOD’s Purple Bomb cuz it’s grape season here all year long.