We want to thank everyone who showed up to support and hang with us on our second stop of our Europe Tour for the month of May! We attended a smaller show in Prague and were so surprised by the beautiful city and the historic culture engulfing the atmosphere. Traveling from the United States, it is a major culture shock when we are able to experience these new cities which have so much history and we truly value our time when we get this opportunity to travel to share VGOD with the WORLD! This city and the people showed us so much love that we can not wait to come back already for another show!

VapeShow Prague 2017 expo housed around 20 exhibitors from all around the world! Johnny, Zach, and Brandon were the ones in attendance to display their vape tricks live for everyone to experience! The trick scene is definitely up and coming and we are excited for the vape industry in Prague to grow over the next year! Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and we appreciate all of the love you show us!

Next stop... Verona, Italy

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