Monday’s are usually a struggle, but on this epic day VGOD has got something way better to talk about than Eminem’s new album, Kamikaze. That’s right! Sorry Slim Shady, VGOD’s on top this week with an epic release of the Bomb SaltNic Line! Mic drop, yo!

Yeah, that’s what’s up and we are pumped to announce that the Bomb Line is now jacked with a long lasting SaltNic punch. So, get your mini refillable pod systems ready for a threefold detonation of amazing fruity flavors because VGOD is also introducing another killer flavor to the Bomb Line!

How many of y’all out there love a bite of a sweet, sugary juicy mango? Well, just for you, VGOD master mixologists have been formulating the best tasting rendition of a mango they could concoct for a most excellent vaping experience! And, they are stoked to bring to you, Mango Bomb! It’s gonna blow you away with its refreshingly pure mango flavor! Mango Bomb is prime time smooth from the start of the pull all the way through to the exhale. It’s time for you to get a nice slice of Mango Bomb SaltNic!

All the Bombs are going to be sold in 25mg and 50mg salt nicotine strengths. Remember folks, low wattage devices only! Don’t have one yet? Check out for all the greatest pod system devices! But, remember, VGOD’s freebase e-juice will always still be available when you wanna chuck some clouds with your VGOD devices.

For a final note, we just gotta ask, who all wants to see Mango Bomb in freebase e-juice form? Drop us a line below or on the Insta and give us your thoughts! Cuz you know, VGOD abides!