Ti kaneis, Greece!? VGOD is excited to head out to VAPEXPRO, Athens 2018! It is the 3rd vape show in Greece and the largest vaping event in the Balkans. VGOD wasn’t about to miss out on this, so Brandon and Isaac are flying over to check out the show. Greece, we hope you’re getting pumped up for VAPEXPRO because September 8th & 9th is just around the corner! VAPEXPRO will be taking place at the Olympic Stadium Tae Kwan Do, in the southern part of Greece known as the coastal district of Palaio Faliro.

Greece, VGOD knows you’re a VG/PG/nicotine free zone, so Brandon and Isaac are going to bring out some Aromas just for you guys! So, what are these aromas? Well, it is the original recipe for our juices, so that you can enjoy them as you see fit. It must be diluted and perhaps allowed to steep for the best tasting experience. But, it’s all about trial and error. VGOD is just happy to bring to you Aromas that you will love.

VGOD will also be ushering out all our best hardware and apparel that you definitely will want to get your hands on! The Pro Series is on fire right now and everything is limited availability. So, check out VGOD’s booth asap and get the hook up you’ve been waiting for! VGOD, as always, hopes to see you there for some good vibes and hella good times!