It’s a really tough gig when your having all your friends over and you gotta be the one to make something tasty and awesome for them. But, it ain’t no thang for VGOD Master Mixologists! VGOD is bringing you a total KO with the all new Cubano Silver! It is not your average tobacco flavor because VGOD reserves their rarest and best tobacco extract flavors for their Cubano e-juice line. VGOD Master Mixologists has captured, yet again, the complexities of a Cuban cigar tobacco flavor for the ultimate all day vape satisfaction. The Cubano Silver is the finest middle ground between Cubano and Cubano Black that anyone could have imagined. It holds down that amazing full flavored Cuban cigar on the inhale, but instant notes of buttery vanilla cream custard comes to the forefront and upon the exhale you taste a caramelized brown sugar, clover honey finish. But, you honestly never know what somebody is gonna taste. Brandon, from the Trick Team, said, “It tastes like vanilla almond milk over a Cuban cigar.” Everyone’s taste buds are different, so the takeaway here is, well, I think Johnny put it the best, “Cubano Silver is da bomb!”

Just how do VGOD Master Mixologists do it? Often times, the magic just happens organically! That is why Cubano Silver is super magical. You know, just like the strawberries taste like strawberries and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries, right? VGOD Mixologists are like the dreamers of dreams and Cubano Silver is a wicked Cuban tobacco dream come true! VGOD Mixologists have been cruisin down the block of flavors for such a long time that they really have solid savvy for balancing and counterbalancing the intensity of flavors.

No one wants to fight ever, but sometimes flavors fight. They want to be complimented, you know, kinda like that chick you took out on a date last weekend, dude! Just sayin. But yeah, it’s all about finding what other flavors will complement and enhance each other. You gotta have a vision and after that it’s a total ratio game. You know, the VGOD Mixologists are going all Gordon Ramsay here at the VGOD Headquarters tryin to get the flavors right, but minus the crazy psycho outbursts. Little bit of this, little bit of that and then do some taste tests. And, then they’re back at it again to take away certain percentages of flavors or bring some new ones in. They always say that even though they start with a certain aim, depending on the base, it just might not work and it takes a hella wide 180° from where they started out. All things considered, maybe the flavor is right, but the throat hit isn’t just right and it’s too harsh. Is it an all day vape? Is it too sweet or not sweet enough? Is there enough dense cloud production? And, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dealing with the complexities of flavors. It’s VGOD’s mission to be the best and it takes some serious ingenuity to create an all day vape. The VGOD Master Mixologists hit this one out of the park cuz Cubano Silver is on a-whole-nother level! When you drip the Cubano Silver, it will literally gonna rock your taste buds one pull at a time. You’re gonna have a new all day vape, so sorry, not sorry.