Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

We found Native Wicks and partnered with them to produce a top grade premium blend of cotton that is completely 100% organic and free from contaminants. Our organic cotton is free of impurities to help keep your lungs safer and for better tasting flavor. VGOD guarantees every batch is high quality large fiber cotton. VGOD Premium Organic Cotton is manufactured in a CGMP certified facility. It is lab tested, certified clean and will enrich your vaping experience for your maximum satisfaction.

That is why VGOD has chosen to use Pima cotton and have constructed a roll of cotton that has numerous layers that have been finely combed through to generate linear fibers. You will be able to snip the perfect size wick for your coils to fit nice and snug. This will improve wicking potency through efficient even absorption and will intensify the flavor of your e-juice.

VGOD’s Premium Organic Cotton is always best for high and low resistance builds! VGOD’s Premium Organic cotton is fire resistant and does not require a break in period. Replace your cotton and you can start vaping right away without worry of ever scorching it or getting burnt hits. This will maximize cleanliness, reduce usage and genuinely improve your vaping experience.

VGOD Premium Organic Cotton

VGOD Premium Organic Cotton will intensify each experience with potent flavor, durability, and unmatched absorbency. Special blend made by Native Wicks in the USA.


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