This Friday, October 12th, Isaac will be vibin’ on the scene way down south in Mexico City at the World Trade Center for Latin America’s Vape Trade Convention. It is going to be another three straight days of the worlds finest vape companies showcasing their best vape gear and spending the time to capture a wider audience in Mexico. It’s important to remember the homies from down south because vaping exists there, but big tobacco still has a major hold on what’s legit and what’s not. So, this is just another great opportunity for VGOD to bring out the great tasting premium e-juice and hardware to share a different perspective on what the vape journey can be about.

And, you better believe Isaac isn’t going to be packing light for this show. VGOD’s Pro Series is gonna drive everyone loco with the new cool look and colors to choose from. Pro 200 Box Mod Kit is a hot commodity now available in red, black or grey. The no bullshit tank, otherwise known as the all new Pro Subtank is set to amaze as well with its classy VGOD shields inside the 5ml tank, leak proof top fill and easy to prime shotgun coils! And, not to mention the Pro Mech 2 Kit is super kickin with 3 different camo colors or straight black! Of course there will be lots of other great VGOD merchandise, accessories and apparel for you to pick up too.

VTC stands to be a great event for business and visitors alike. There are competitions planned for guests to take part in along with an overall great atmosphere of positive vibes, music, food and cerveza. And, VGOD is stoked to cruise out to be a part of an up and coming vape show like VTC and to show support to a growing vape community. So, if you’re gonna be kickin it high altitude style in Mexico City, you should definitely cruise out to VTC and join in on the fiesta at the VGOD booth!