Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Learn to Bane Inhale the Easiest Way

What's Up, Vape-Fans! Join @IsaacVGOD, the co-founder of OfficialVGOD, in this tutorial and learn to “Bane Inhale” the easiest way. If you have already learnt how to bend an ‘O’ or....

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Learn to Bend an O the Easiest Way

What's Up, VGOD NATION! Join @vajohnny2_vgod and @brandon.gee_vgod in this tutorial as they explain how to bend an "O". This is the first tutorial of many, showing you the basics of bending an O and havin....

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Behind The VGOD VLOG: Hanging With DSharp

What’s up VGOD Nation! We were thrilled to have @whoisDSharp swing by the studio to collaborate with the VGOD team! We wanted to elaborate on how this collaboration came to life! Derryck (DSharp) co....

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