What’s up VGOD Nation!

Welcome to the VLOG Segment of our YouTube Channel! This VLOG takes you behind the scenes shooting with DSharp at the VGOD Studios in Los Angeles, California!  


We were thrilled to have @whoisDSharp swing by the studio to collaborate with the VGOD team! We wanted to elaborate on how this collaboration came to life! Derryck (DSharp) commented on the  “How To Blow An O” tutorial on the @OfficialVGOD Instagram page! For those who may be unaware by now, he is a very talented violinist who has made a name for himself doing what he loves. 


Through an exchange of a couple comments, DMs, and text messages, we invited DSharp out to the studio to make a never before seen collaboration video incorporating VGOD and a musician. We wanted to try something new by mashing up DSharp’s new song “Nightfall” (Club Mix) with Habstrakt - Cheezus! Brandon did a great job by mixing these two songs together. 


Derryck said he has been vaping for a while so we hooked him up with the VGOD Pro 150 Box, Pro Mech Mod, Trick Tank Pro R2, and a Pro Drip RDA! We put him on the spot in the studio to learn how to BLOW Os! We reviewed the steps it takes to make the proper O face as well as the cough method we utilize to blow Os. Within five minutes, DSHarp is already spamming Os across the studio and became VGOD APPROVED. 


We have much more content to come and we will soon be releasing the FULL Video on our YouTube later this week!



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