When VGOD made the Pro SubTank, they wanted all types of vapers to experience VGOD’s hardware. Not everyone feels like building all the time or at all, so the Shotgun quad coils are a great solution to that. Let’s just be honest, the Shotgun quad coils prime quickly and easily, plus they offer great vapor production and flavor too. But, there is nothing like being inspired to build with the wire type and gauge of your choosing, wrapping it up, wicking it, priming it and then finally firing it up! And, that is why VGOD is happy to announce that the Pro SubTank RBA is now on deck and ready for all you builders out there to ramp it up!

Remember folks, it is a dual post RBA, but it is a single coil build, so the coil sits in the middle of the chamber. The deck is made out of stainless steel, the post holes are 2.6mm and the spacing between them is 11.3mm. You will find that the RBA has one bottom and two side airflows in addition to the two sided adjustable airflow spaces on the base of the tank. It really is a sweet little rig that offers you the ability to set it up to your specifications, so you know it’s gonna taste hella fresh every rip you take! And, if that’s not satisfying, then we really don’t know what is!

The Pro SubTank RBA will be sold separately from the tank, so make sure to put one or two in your cart when you get the SubTank. And, just so you know, VGOD heard you all loud and clear out there suggesting that we throw in two Shotgun coils and not just one with a purchase of the Pro SubTank. So, from here on out, VGOD will be hooking everyone up with two Shotgun quad coils when you purchase the Pro SubTank. Yeah, we’re talking 0.2Ω Shotgun coil and a 0.4Ω Shotgun coil, so you can figure out which one you prefer and want to stick with in the future. And, you all might already know which one you dig more, but it’s all good cuz y’all are gonna be building on your new VGOD Pro SubTank RBA, right?!

Wanna know more, check out the video below that Brandon and Zachajawea made a few months ago where they build a Pro SubTank RBA!