The Pro 200 Kit is the ticket to a hella sharp vaping voyage! It is an amazing trio of style, power and durability. If you didn’t already know, the Pro 200 Kit includes a Pro 200 box mod and the VGOD Subtank with a .2Ω Shotgun Coil. Despite its extreme versatility in functionality, it is super easy to set up, so you can get to vaping straight away.

The Pro 200 originally was released in straight black, but now we kicked out some color with a red and a gray mod too. Funny fact though, black is the absence of all color and gray is an achromatic color, so literally grey is a color without color. But, enough about color, let’s talk about power!

The Pro 200 fires like a total boss with crazy amount of settings to suit entertain any type of vaper. The VGOD SubTank is legit for flavor and vapor production, but whatever atomizer you wanna use, it’s all G! Pop in two 18650 batteries, tap the fire button 5 times and prepare yourself for epic clouds with crazy bomb flavor.

Check out the video below where Isaac and Brandon show off the new colors and how easy the set-up can be!