There is some serious stoke soaring through VGOD Headquarters right now! We are finally set to pull the trigger and unleash the Pro 200 Box Mod Kit upon the world! It’s been a long wait, but it has been well worth it to be able to get every little detail perfect about the Pro 200. That’s right, no trick bags over on our end! VGOD ain’t playing around when it comes to innovation. Can’t just be slapping the VGOD logo on any ol’ thing and calling it great. Naw, it’s about keeping it real and making legit hardware that will always be taking you to the highest level of vape righteousness!

No doubt the Pro 150 is still an awesome box mod. Yalready know this, but again, VGOD is always striving to be your #1! VGOD listened up to what the vape community had to say and yeah, we heard you loud and clear Deuces Jack! And, now we’re gonna tell you all about how we made the Pro 200 super bitchin! First, the most important part of this is the specs. For the Pro 200 Box Mod we threw in an updated Atom V. 200B chipset that powers from 7-200W and supports a resistance range of 0.08Ω to 3.0Ω. It has 7 modes, Wattage mode, Mech mode, Pro Mode and Temperature Control mode. Temperature Control mode supports Nickel, Titanium and yes, now Stainless Steel! Temperature Control mode will range in temperature from 200 to 600℉ (100-315℃). All these modes have their proper place in vaping. You just gotta have it all in the palm of your hand and that is what you get when you roll with VGOD!

The aesthetics of the Pro 200 is just as sweet as the extreme customization of it. VGOD wanted it to be comfortable in any hand, left or right. It’s grippy and soft with rubber side panels. The fire button is completely flush with the top of the box, so you can fire it up with either your left or your right hand, no problem. The Pro 200 box got a major OLED screen upgrade. It is way larger than what the Pro 150 had and can be customized to your favorite colors. You can change the background from black to white and have pink, red, orange, purple, green, blue, yellow, a peachy looking color and there is even a multi-colored option too. It’s pretty sweet! The screens brightness can be adjusted, but seriously it can be so bright that you can use it as a flashlight if you’re in a pinch. No joke, I’ve done it. There are a ton of other options on there that you will be able to scroll through and play around with too.

VGOD wanted to bring back the nitty gritty and keep it simple when it came to the Pro SubTank. No bullshit. Easy to use, no leaking and great flavor. What else could you ask for? The Pro SubTank is filled from the top and has a 5ml capacity Pyrex glass tank. We classed it up and installed two VGOD Shields for extra killer style. It is super easy to keep clean and change the coils by just unscrewing the base from the glass. The Pro SubTank needs a Shotgun quad coil SS316 in either 0.2 Ω or 0.4Ω, whichever you prefer. And, to take things to the next level, VGOD created a third option. You know we’re never gonna forget all you hard core builders out there. For you homies, there is the SubTank Dual Post RBA option, so you can build all day, every day.

And, there you have it folks! The Pro 200 Kit is hands down absolutely legit durable, powerful and comfortable to hold. Not to mention stylin as hell too! It’s the complete vaping package you’re gonna want to get your hands on immediately. And, once you do, your gonna wonder how the hell you ever lived without it! VGOD would never steer you wrong. You’re definitely gonna want to add this to your Pro Series collection!