VGOD is stoked to bring to you our very own Premium Organic Cotton! You may be wondering what makes this cotton so special? Well, we want to fill you up with the facts and assure you that we only bring you the best premium products to heighten your vaping experience to the max. The type of cotton is really important to get the cleanest and tastiest hits. Just think about it, the wick is like the key that links your e-juice to your coils. In this way it is crucial that you know your cotton is clean not bleached, riddled with nasty contaminants or just burns easy. Honestly, organic cotton is the only way to go, just like when it comes to premium e-juice. It’s absolute quality you can taste and you will always notice a difference between what’s legit and what’s not.

VGOD’s Premium Organic Cotton is made from the cotton blend known as Pima. It’s a cotton that originated in Peru, but the cotton earned its’ name after a Native American tribe known as the Pima tribe. They mastered the cultivation of this cotton and helped establish it to be one of the most exceptional cottons around. Mad props to the Pima Tribe! Today it is only grown in 3 places in the world, the United States, Peru and Australia. Yeah, yeah, it’s that exclusive.

It has gained more popularity in the vaping world as of late do to the fact that it can be produced with a large blend of extremely linear fibers, which is perfect for any low or high resistance builds in your favorite RDA or RDTA. It’s super absorbent and heat resistant, which means your coils won’t char your setup and give you that gross burnt taste. There is little to no break in time too, so you can thread your vape wick, soak it up and get to vaping quickstyle. It is home grown here in the US and we promise it is super clean! It is manufactured in a certified CGMP facility, which means no pesticides, weird unnecessary chemicals or any other additives. Every batch is tested and certified clean, so no worries.

Try out VGOD’s Premium Organic Cotton today and get to flavortown asap! You will not be dissapointed! We’re bringin a whole new standard to vaping and want to take you into the future with us. Maximize your vaping experience with VGOD cuz we got you, always!

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