5 Ways to Blow an O

Blowing O’s is probably the most common trick vapers want to learn how to do. It’s something that can’t necessarily be taught, but it can definitely be explained so you can come up with your own style! The VGOD team has a few common styles on blowing O’s to help the upcoming tricksters out there! We are going to be talking about the different ways an O can be performed, and help you learn! All of these steps require to first inhale your vapor, exhale a little so it can accumulate in your mouth, and form your lips into an O shape.

Popping Your Jaw

This method requires a specific movement of your jaw. After you inhale your vapor, let a little out then form your lips into an O shape. Move your bottom jaw forward, and quickly “pop” it back to create a small burst of outward air. The mouth shape is key, it cannot be too small or else the O will have a hard time forming.


This is the most common method as seen done by the VGOD team. First inhale your vapor, let a little trickle out then make a very small cough. The cough strength should be equivalent to a very soft clearing of the throat sound. One cough gives you one O, which can also be “spammed” with many coughs to create multiples. This is also the method used when you get experienced in pushing O’s with your hand.

Coughing with Jaw Popping

The perfect method for making your O’s go further if hand pushing hasn’t been perfected yet. First inhale your vapor, let a little out, form your lips into an O shape, then cough lightly while popping your jaw back. Just as explaining in the Jaw Popping section, push your jaw forward then pop it back swiftly. Combining this with hand pushing will perform fast moving O’s.

Tongue Push

The Tongue Push method is the style for creating slow moving O’s. This can be combined with the pushing of the hand to get them to go further. First inhale your vapor, let a little trickle out of your mouth, pull your tongue back, and push it forward swiftly.


Cheerios are probably the easiest learn at first if creating big O’s aren’t too easy for you in the beginning. This method is achieved by first inhaling your vapor, let a little out, form your lips into a small O shape, and tap the side of your cheek. Making sure the tapping is somewhat firm, as tapping too light will not create enough pressure to push the O’s out. Practice makes perfect! Repetition is the best trainer, never give up, and keep tricking!


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