VGOD’s Brandon and Zach are soon to be headed out of the country once again and straight into the heart of Paris for VapExpo 2018! It will be held at the Paris Nord Villapinte October 6th through the 9th. Once again landing on the French scene, VGOD is excited to be joining in on a major exposition where pretty much the whole world is gonna celebrate the vape industry with a ton of sweet vape gear, juice and exciting events. This isn’t VapExpo’s first rodeo, as it is the 10th edition of the event. VapExpo hops around a lot to bring the very best of vaping to all of Europe and VGOD salutes you!

Brandon and Zach are going to ship out all the great VGOD gear to hook you up with what you’ve been holding out to get. Pro Series hardware is gonna be on the move, so you best get some pep in your step and head over to the VGOD booth. Pro Mech 2 Kits will be available in a multi-colored selection. Which colors do you all dig on? Arctic, Desert or Black Camo? They’re all sick looking, but just wait till you get the real experience when you feel the power behind the pull after you drip some Bomb. It’s absolutely unbeatable! And, it’s also gonna be a perfect time to stock up on some Euro short fills, same great VGOD e-juice formulated just for you to add nic shots as desired.

The Modders Gallery is a great place to rub some elbows with the top vape modders, artists from France and others from around the world. Check out the Newcomer’s Corner to stay up to date on the newest trends too. There will be a live conference for everyone in the biz to discuss the needs of the vaping industry, what the future might hold and how to keep up. Plus, big up to Konstantinos Farsalinos! Everyone should know who this man is and if you don’t look him up! He is a leading researcher in vape science and a huge proponent of the industry. Another big name to give it up to is Riccardo Polosa! He’s gonna be teaching everyone about his findings on the effects of vaping on the respiratory system. For real though y’all, if you’re headed out to Paris to check out VapExpo, these two dudes, Konstantinos and Riccardo are the real deal and should not be missed!

VapExpo is gonna be a great show as there will be vaping greatness everywhere and not just cuz VGOD is going. But, Brandon and Zach will be there ready to shmooze it up with everyone, enjoy one of the greatest expos around and cruise the ever so beautiful Paris! And, ya know, vaping in style is a huge deal! Never fear though, check out booth A4B to get a sweet hairstyle or a fancy hipster beard trim. LOL! Whatever you gotta do to get to VapExpo Paris, you best do it because the countdown has begun!