Vapers Carnivale Expo

VGOD is headed out for a little bit o’ summa dis, summa dat Southern hospitality at Vapers Carnivale. This show is for smokers by vapers and will be taking place at the Chattanooga Convention Center this weekend on June 16 and 17th. It is presented by Mr. Salt-E, StrictlyE-cig and sponsored by Vape News Magazine. VGOD is sending Brandon out to represent and he will be at booth 1100 with his homies Dennis and Sam. Swing by the VGOD booth to get the hook up on all VGOD gear and e-juices including Apple Bomb, Berry Bomb and Cubano Silver! If you haven’t tried them already, you cannot miss out on this opportunity. Plus, you have to check out the new Pro 200 Kit! VGOD is thrilled to finally be releasing this much anticipated box mod to complete the Pro Series transformation. So, now you can see the Pro Mech 2 and the Pro 200 side by side in all their glory!

Vaper Carnivale is an exceptional event and if you’re in or anywhere near Chattanooga, you should definitely attend. 90% of the ticket sales, proceeds from auctions, raffles and the Speakeasy goes directly to the participating advocacy groups who are out there fighting for fair vape regulations, the right to vape flavored e-juice and overall industry legitimacy as a worthy alternative to smoking. Due to this, VGOD is going to be donating one all new Pro 200 Kit to the raffle. Buy some tickets and you could be one of the first to vape a Pro 200! You will absolutely love this new box mod kit. But, seriously, give your support and participate in this event to help protect the vaping industry. Event leaders will also extending to all interested smokers free admission and starter kits to attend the event, as well.

If you do happen to bring friends that are trying to quit smoking put a STIG in their hand. The STIG is key for someone trying to make the transition from smoking to vaping. It’s an effortless on draw activated mini pod that has a pre-filled tank with VGOD SaltNic e-juice and a pre-charged battery. The STIG is the definitely the way to go. It will satisfy any nicotine cravings, it tastes great and is literally the easiest vape pod to use. It comes in a pack of three and is equivalent to three entire packs of cigarettes. Your friends will ditch the cigs for STIGS and save money doing it.

So, gather up your homies, smokers and vapers and head out to Vapers Carnivale with a quickness! It’s for a good cause and a win win for everyone. VGOD will see you there when the doors open at 1pm!