Annyeong, Korea!

September is just right around the corner and VGOD is hyped to get over to Goyang, South Korea for the first ever Vape Korea Expo! It’s going to be taking place on the 7th through the 9th at the Kintex International Exhibition Center. This expo is a unified effort brought to you by Kintex, THE FAIRS and the Korea E-cig Industry Association. Together they aim to promote a proper vaping culture in Korea do to the fact that vaping is spreading throughout the country like a wildfire.

This really is a significant time for Korea’s vaping community due to the fact that the Korean government has been pretty strict on their vaping regulations for quite a few years. But, it has been trending in recent news that millions of our Korean homies are doing the ‘ol switch-a-roo from smoking to vaping. This makes it the perfect time to head out there to keep encouraging our homies to get on board with tobacco harm reduction and show them what the VGOD Tricklyfe is all about.

Everyone from around the globe have their eye on this show and VGOD is super stoked to get to see this pop off live! Both Johnny and Zachajawea are gonna be rockin and a rollin their way over to Kintex to meet up with everyone, showcase VGOD gear and put on a phenomenal cloud trick show! Plus, word out on the street is there will be a ton of great special speakers at the Trend Seminar, exhibitors up on stage doing giveaways and a Vape Art Show to check out too.

So, if y’all know anyone going to South Korea in September, tell them about Vape Korea in Goyang at the Kintex! It is gonna be an epic scene that will set the standard for vaping and be a start to what will surely be a killer new yearly tradition for all our Korean homies! Johnny and Zachajawea looking forward to seeing everyone there! Until then, jal gayo!