VGOD made an appearance at Vapexpo France at the beginning of October last month. The show was clutch! Gotta say it was another great learning experience and we were stoked to soak up all the awesome pro vaping vibes from the homies who rolled through. So, now that Vapexpo is cruisin to the States, we are totally amped! And, best believe VGOD is for sure rushin’ Sin City for Vapexpo Las Vegas next week!

Zach, aka Zachajawea, Isaac and Brandon are all headed out to set up for the show that starts on November 9th through the 10th at the Las Vegas Convention Center! VGOD’s booth is C4 on the floor plan with SaltNic and STIG joining in on the action too. The floorplan is huge and everyone who is anyone is going to be there! So, lots of awesome vaping action for y’all to cruise through and get hella sweet deals on anything you need!

Speaking of deals, VGOD wants to give you the hook up on VGOD hardware, classic e-juices like Cubano Silver, Luscious, or the Bomb Line. Want the SaltNic version? Alrighty then, you got it, no problem! We’ll have plenty of STIG packs and sweet product to go around, so you can load up on what you need. VGOD abides, so trust when we say we gotchu, we for real gotchu!

Get your tickets for this kick ass event through It’s time to round up the homies and go find that cash machine my brothas and sistas! Yeyuuuh, we’re gonna have a good ‘ol time! So, come check us out, chill and blow some O’s with Zach, Isaac and Brandon!