Are you a real time content production engineer specialist or enthusiast? Or do you prefer the moniker, Kappa? Either way if you’re diggin the Twitch scene you’re gonna want to switch channels asap to the VGOD channel! The crew is setting up big time to unleash their live streaming powers for all to see. You will be happy, you will be entertained and the best part is you will be chatting with the crew like you are the crew!

You’re gonna wanna tune in to hear all of Tim’s internal dialogue come to life and get your game on with him too! Plus Brandon will be jammin out droppin plates while Zachajawea throws down to the beat all them crazy tricks he’s known for. Can’t say for sure what Johnny will be doing, but I guess that’s why you better get that yeet flowing and hit that follow and subscribe button!

The Official VGOD channel is

And now that you know where it’s at and how VGOD rolls, what do you really want to see streaming live from the VGOD Crew? They’re open to suggestions to make sure you’re good and entertained. So if you got some kind of crazy killer idea, leave it below in the comments section and the VGOD Crew will read all about it! Who knows, they might just take you up on your suggestion, so don’t be shy and get all kinds of suggesty with it.