VGOD team preps for the Pure Vape 2019 Expo (March 3rd & 4th) and ships out a ton of hella legit VGOD products from California straight to Munich. Pro Mech 2 Kit in every color, Pro 200 Kits in every color, Pro SubTanks, accessories, apparel and vape juice.

Isaac hops on a plane, takes a 12 hour nap and wakes up in Munich.

Isaac stumbles off the plane, luggage, food, beverages, hotel and more sleep.

Pure Vape 2019, showtime madness, loud voices everywhere, crowds huddle, music, vapor and VGOD lanyards everywhere!

VGOD booth sells out so fast, everyone scrambles around looking for anything that could be free. They even try buying Isaac’s shirt from off his back. That is how sold out VGOD is.

Vape Trick show, Keller Mod’s DJ on air, Vapecraft & Art Exhibition, leading UK expert Peter Hajek speaking at the podium, more vape tricks, gourmet food trucks and an auction for a good cause.

First day done, dinner, beverages, laughter, fun, crash into bed and then blackness washes over the dude.

Day two, rinse and repeat.

Show’s over folks, nothing to see, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Isaac shouts and murmurs, “Latez, Munich..I’ll miss you, but not the cold!”