With two months left in 2018, it has almost been a full year since the Pro Mech 2 Kit was released. And since then, the evolution of the Pro Mech 2 has won the hearts of millions of vapers around the world, earned several awards and is consistently rated, if not #1, in the top 5 best mech mods of 2018. VGOD has been stoked on this, to say the least.

Let’s be honest, mech mods are simplistic. There isn’t much going on as far as technology is concerned, right? There are no safety features, which means you have to know what’s up with ohm’s law to drip with this bad boy. It’s a cylindrical tube to most people, but not to VGOD. Our engineers went the extra mile to make sure everyone knows we’re on top of the game.

The TriCon switch is the total game changer here. It increases surface contact with the battery with three independent pins, which means the Pro Mech 2 is guaranteed to maintain fire power no matter where you press on the switch. And, that switch happens to be aerospace grade carbon fiber that not only looks classy, but has a nice smooth feel to it for comfort and ease of use.

Plus, we upped the cloud game by adding soft Delrin sleeves for even more comfort, grip and an overall tight look. Then we let loose with the stylin Camo series and added some flair to the Delrin sleeves with the Arctic, Desert and Black Camo look. And, who knows, we might just throw more colors into the mix in the future.

The Pro Mech 2 Kit has soared to the top ranks of mech mods in the vaping community for a damn good reason. It really is a next level piece of vaping gear that is built to last and looks great, but most of all, it hits like a beast! So, if you’re looking to crank it up to eleven, then get your Pro Mech 2 Kit today and start vaping like a total boss!