VGOD is ready to hit up yet another vape expo and this time Isaac will be on his way to Guadalajara, Mexico for the International Vape Trade show! Ooooooraleeee wey, no manches! Naw, for real! The fiesta is gonna be poppin off first thing Saturday morning at 11am, June 30th and July 1st at the Expo Guadalajara. VGOD is a proud Gold Sponsor at this event and Isaac is looking forward to represent fully, as it is one of the largest vape expos in Latin America! IVT really wants to unite all the leading international vape companies to help establish the vaping industry down south to create more business and to influence consumers to learn more about vaping, so they can quit the cigs for healthier lifestyle. And, that is why VGOD intends to bring all the best premium e-juice and hardware to show Latin America what’s up!

IVT Guadalajara be ready for the VGOD Pro series! The Pro Mech 2 Kit and the Pro 200 Kit are gonna steal everyone’s thunder with their slick new tactical look. Make sure to check out the all new Pro SubTank too! It’s a sweet and stylin sub-ohm tank that will keep vaping at its’ best! No bullshit, just the nitty gritty! No doubt you’re gonna get awesome flavor and bountiful clouds! Especially when you fill it up with some Cubano Silver, the Bomb Series or any other of your favorite e-juice. As per ush, IVT will be the perfect time to stock up on your VGOD e-juice collection and VGOD apparel too!

If you’re gonna be in Guadalajara this weekend and you love to vape, you gotta get to IVT! Bring all tus amigos and get ready for some vape action and chelas! Should be plenty of entertainment with music, giveaways all that jive we want and have come to expect at a proper vape expo. Get there early cuz you’re gonna wanna be the first to rock the VGOD booth, get el guapo Isaac to fill you up with all the facts and hook up on some sweet VGOD gear while supplies last! So as it goes, VGOD is off again to go viva la vida Mexico style and hopes to see y’all there! Hasta luego, yo!