mechanical mod maintenance

Here in this write up we are going to explain some of our best techniques on taking care of your mechanical mod. From cleaning to disassembling atomizers, this will help prevent many malfunctions and situations where power is not where it needs to be.

1. How to clean your mech mod (inside and out):

The best way we find cleaning your mech mod on the outside is fairly easy. We recommend using alcohol wipes to get the dirt and grime off of the outer body. If your mechanical mod has a coating on it, this tends to be the best way since this will not damage any layers. If your mechanical device is a bare metal like brass or copper, this method works as well. Cleaning the inside of your mechanical mod is just as important, if your threads are dirty it will result in a loss of performance and cause possible misfires. Loosening the build up from the threads with a soft nylon brush helps with the cleaning process, while finishing off with a micro fiber cloth to complete the job.

2. How to clean your mechanical mod contacts:

When cleaning the contacts on your mechanical mod, extreme precaution needs to be taken, as this determine most of your performance. If these contacts are damaged in any way, it may compromise optimal performance. We recommend using a reputable metal polish, such as Mother’s to polish many different contact materials. From copper to brass, these materials patina and will form a layer of oxidation preventing a consistent connection to your battery to deliver maximum conductivity. We all wonder why our mechanical mods lose performance over time, this can be caused by poor polishing maintenance and cleaning. If you contacts are not cleaned and polished on a regular basis, this can also result in one of the most performance draining issues. Arc marks on your battery are the ultimate downfall on performance, this can be avoided by making sure your mechanical mod is cleaned and polished on a regular basis.

3. How to clean copper patina on your mechanical mod:

Cleaning copper patina goes into the technique of prepping and polishing properly. If your mechanical mod has bare copper parts and they seem to look like a penny after using it for a while, this is due to the fact that constant contact with your hands and the air around you creates that oxidized layer. This can easily be polished off with Mother’s polish to make sure there is no build up. Patina on the outside of your device does not hinder performance, in fact some consumers enjoy the classic look! But if you are wanting your copper mod to look incredible all the time, regular polishing is absolutely needed to keep copper patina away.

4. How to clean your Subtank, RDA, RDTA:

When cleaning a normal subtank, the best way is to disassemble all large parts, which usually involves unscrewing the base, remove your glass, remove your coil, and rinse every part with warm water. DO NOT USE SOAP. Soap can leave residue behind which can mix in with your ejuice which is not pleasant. Never get water on your coils, this will destroy them and they will have to be replaced immediately. Reassemble in reverse, and your tank is ready for your new ejuice! When cleaning your RDA/RDTA, a little more precaution is needed as some RDA/RDTAs require the removal of your coils to clean. You may want to make sure your coils are needing to be replaced before disassembling so you don’t lose your favorite expensive fused claptons! Most RDA/RDTAs have a threaded 510 pin at the bottom which can be removed. Some are normal threads and some are reverse threaded, so please take your time when disassembling your RDA/RDTA to avoid any damage by stripping screws. RDAs do not always have to be disassembled to clean properly as there are less parts involved than RDTAs. With RDAs, simply remove your coils and cotton, rinse the entire build deck and top cap with warm water, let dry and rebuild. With RDTAs, 510 pin needs to be removed, the body can be unscrewed apart, glass removed, o-rings removed, and it can then go under warm water to be cleaned. Rebuild and enjoy your new ejuice!


We at VGOD always strive to help our community and make sure knowledge is passed on correctly so you can get the most out of your devices. Keep those mechanical mods clean, keep your RDA/RDTAs clean, and keep vaping!