This week Tel Aviv will be hosting their first international vape expo and VGOD will be there to take part in this phenomenal event! The ever traveling VGOD trickster, Zachajawea, will be there to check out the event and represent VGOD, STIG and SaltNic Labs at booth 18B.

The Vape Israel Expo is sponsored by Juice N Stuff and will be held at Expo Tel Aviv on Thursday June 27th and Friday June 28th. The Vape Expo starts early and with all the world’s leading vape companies in attendance, you will want to get there early to swoop up on all the best vape gear at expo prices!

And since the expo starts early and closes shop at 6:30 in the afternoon, you will have plenty of time to chill Tel Aviv style. So we have 5 fun facts about Israel for you to impress your friends when your chillin during a vape sesh.

1. Everyone is always chatting about the highest points on Earth, but what about the lowest point on Earth? It’s actually in Israel at the Dead Sea, which borders Israel and Jordan.
2. Tel Aviv is an awesome destination for beautiful beach days, but you should definitely ask someone which beach to go to before you head out for the day. Why? Well, they have themed beaches that cater to specific groups of people and you don’t want to just roll up all awkward.
3. Tel Aviv has a fantastic night life with tons of bars, clubs and restaurants for you to enjoy.
4. Israel is the country of hummus, so be ready for some bomb hummus and bread with every meal!
5. There is no Uber in Israel, but you can get around in Gett Taxi. It is cheaper than other modes of transportation and is the standard for getting around.

And now that we got the facts down, it’s time to get psyched for some happenin times at Israel’s very first international vape expo in Tel Aviv! Zach will be waiting on you to stop by and say hi, so don’t be shy!