Best Vape Liquid

If you have turned to electronic smoking to get rid of the health hazards associated with traditional tobacco smoking, then you must be aware that the main ingredient that makes people go after electronic cigarettes is the vape juice. To receive the best vaping experience, you need to have an extensive knowledge on the e liquid, so that you are able to get the best vape liquid.

E-Liquids: What are these?

E liquids or vape juices are made of majorly three components – flavoring, nicotine, and a mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Your vaping experience depends mainly on this VG/PG ratio. Vegetable glycerin is a sweet-tasting, think liquid. It creates a large amount of sweet-flavored vapor. Apart from that, it also creates a smooth throat hit, which is preferred by most hardcore smokers. This glycerin is derived from vegetables; hence, it is completely safe and natural. This VG is also used as a sweetener in many cosmetic products like lipstick. Propylene glycol, on the other hand, is just the opposite- it is a thin liquid, but provides more flavor than the VG. PG also contributes to a great throat hit, which is just like a tobacco cigarette. So, advanced smokers like to have this very much.

Is there any need to have both VG and PG in e liquid?

All top quality vape juice brands blend both VG and PG as each one contributes a different thing for the vaper. VG gives you more vapor density and a smoother vape, whereas, PG gives a great throat hit and satisfying flavor. The ratio that works the best for the smokers is 70/30 (PG/VG). Apart from the taste and the hit there is also a technical reason to mix these two. If your electronic smoking device has a top coil atomizer, then more PG is required, as it is thin and can be easily pulled up by the wick. However, if advanced smokers are using bottom coil atomizer, then they would need a smoother hit on the throat, as more amount of liquid would get vaporized with each puff. So, in the latter case, more amount of VG is needed. Ideally, the 70/30 (PG/VG) ratio works for all.

How to buy the best vape juice?

Online reputed companies sell e juices from all the leading brands. You need to search such a company and check its authenticity and customer care service quality from the feedback and reviews posted by previous customers. These online retailers have a wide range of selected e juices, from top notch companies in the United States. You can also take advantage of the various deals and discounts offered by them and save further on your pocket. If you want to buy in more quantities, then you can talk to their customer care representative and inquire whether there is any discount available for bulk buying. You can also start with a sample pack, which contains around 10 small bottles of e juices. You can try each one out and select the most suitable one for you.