If you’re new to vaping and interested in doing some sweet tricks, then the VGOD Trick Team wants to help you out! The VGOD YouTube channel has 18 trick tutorial videos ranging from beginner to more advanced tricks. It’s all about those little tips and recommendations that will get you on your way to advancing your skills for some serious trick action.

Johnny says, “Don’t be self-conscious” and recommends to practice, practice, practice, if you want to conquer your favorite tricks. So check out the videos below, start practicing and before you know it, you’ll be progressing to more advanced tricks.

How to Blow an O

How to blow an O is going to be very important to your tricking because it’s basically the foundation for all the advanced and most popular tricks. Everyone has their own techniques to blowing O’s. Establishing your mouth formation will be key to developing your own style because it will determine the shape of the O that you will be blowing out.

How to Bend An O

The idea of “push, turn and distance” is the foundation for all bends that you will do. It’s simply blowing an O and following behind it slowly with your hand to gently direct it. It is a momentum of pushing, sliding and pushing. The faster that you can catch the O, the longer it will last, so that you can guide and control it.

How to Bane Inhale

The Bane is the french Inhale with a slight twist. To do a French Inhale, take a drag off your mod, do not inhale, but open your mouth slightly and slowly. Tilt your head back slightly, push the bottom of your jaw out and while the vapor begins to flow out, inhale through your nose at the same time. Now to do a Bane, check out what Isaac has to say below!

How to do a Jellyfish

In order to be able to do a proper Jellyfish you will want to first master three other tricks. How to blow an O, how to push O’s and how to ghost. You will first want to blow a great O, push it gently, exhale the rest of the vapor and take another pull. The second puff should be released similarly to ghosting without taking the vapor back in, but instead blown through the center of the O. Remember not to get to close to your O and keep your mouth centered to the O.

How to do a Shark Split

The Shark Split is done by making an O, then inhale one of the corners. This will stretch the O out and as you pull it, the middle will compress and it will split. This trick requires momentum and a rotation, so that the O will split. Isaac says it’s a combination of a Shark Bend and a Head Split. Hit play to hear more about what Isaac recommends when performing this trick.

Word To The Wise

In order to get those thicker O’s, dense vapor is absolutely necessary and a hard hitting mod. And remember, if you’re using a mechanical mod, copper tubes will always be more conductive.

E-Liquid: High VG e-liquid will always be best for tricking because it will give you the most dense vapor that is necessary for the best O’s and all other tricks. That is why VGOD e-juice is the best for tricks because VGOD mixologists have chosen the best VG/PG (70/30) ratio for great tricking and amazing flavor.

Nicotine: If you’re going to be practicing for a while, it is best to use e-juice with 0mg nicotine. If you use anything higher than 3mg, you will be super nic’ed out in no time flat and you won’t be having fun. We promise, it’s not fun.

Water: While you’re getting down tricking with the homies, always remember to drink plenty of water. E-juice tends to dehydrate you and you wanna make to hydrate, so you don’t fall over or forget where you are.

Airflow: Airflow is an important aspect of vapor production. So open it up wide and let it flow.

Coils: The more surface area available for your e-juice, the better. This means that the number of coils and a lower resistance will make a difference on your build for greater clouds.

Wattage: The lower the resistance on your coils, the more power you’re going to need to push out copious amounts of clouds. Fully charged batteries are key.

Well, that’s it folks! Hope you get to master trick level asap. Don’t forget to check out all the tutorials on the VGOD YouTube channel and hit the subscribe, so you don’t miss out on all the new and upcoming tutorials from the VGOD Trick Team. And always feel free to comment and let us know what you want to see next because the VGOD dudes abide!