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VGOD’s Bringin Canada Fresh New Gear!

Oh Canada, are you ready for VGOD, eh? Cuz Zach is gonna be heading out to Canada on April 27th through the 29th! He’s going to meet up with the homies from Foggy’s Vapor ....

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Vape Trick Tutorials: The Lasso | Advanced Tricks

What's Up, VGOD NATION! Join @IsaacVGOD in this tutorial as he explains how to do the "LASSO". This has been a trick that has been around for a while now and was originally introduced to the game by.......

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Five Ways To Blow An O

  Blowing O’s is probably the most common trick vapers want to learn how to do. It’s something that can’t necessarily be taught, but it can definitely be explained so you can come up with ....

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VGOD Vape Trick Tutorials: Bane Inhale

What is up VGOD Nation, Isaac Perez here! This is my first tutorial ever and I’ll be explaining just about everything you need to know in order to do a bane inhale! The set up ....

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