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London, Don’t You Worry! You Are On Point!

A reliable vape news source recently reported on a perspective piece that was highlighted by the New Nicotine Alliance regarding a vaper who recently visited .......

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FDA Extends Comment Opportunities For Regulation On Flavors To July 19th!

Thanks to the Vapor Technology Association, the FDA has extended the comment period by 30 days regarding Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products. The comment period now ends on July 19th, 2018. If you ....

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VGOD Is #1 In Aesthetics, High Performance And Value

VGOD has earned worldwide recognition for exceeding expectations in Trickster entertainment, excellently balanced premium e-juices and aesthetically pleasing high performance vaping devices. VGOD, Inc., consists of a Trick Team, Master Mixologists and Product Designers ....

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Birds of a Feather, We Must Flock Together! Tell the FDA Your Story Before It’s Too Late!

You all might have heard about the FDA’s mission to reduce tobacco use throughout our Country, right? They want to heavily regulate flavored e-juice to limit flavor availability or perhaps ban it all together. ....

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Vote NO on Prop E and Support Freedom of Choice in America!

We at VGOD take things very seriously when it comes to vaping. It is beyond a doubt that we only want the best for our customers when it comes to our premium e-juices, hardware, ....

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A to Z about Vape E Liquid

If you are already in love with electronic smoking, then you know which factor makes this safer alternative to tobacco smoking special. A device that looks like a traditional cigarette gives unique flavor and fragrance. Like a human body thrives on blood, an electronic vaporizer’s uniqueness lies in the e juice. An e liquid is a factor that makes electronic vaping exclusive....

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Tips to Promote Your Vape Websites

Are you trying to create a strong online presence for your vape business? Promoting vape websites online is not that difficult, provided you are aware of the techniques that drive more web traffic to your website. Website promotion is much more than boosting some content on social media sites or advertising on Google Adwords. It is quite surprising and many people are not aware that Facebook and Google do not allow any advertisement related to e cigarettes. So, how will you promote your vape store online? Some tips to get your vape shop web traffic would certainly boost your sales graph.....

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