The vapespiration that is Zachajawea will be packing his things to make his way over to Bremen to represent for VGOD at the Steamer Fair on December 15th and 16th. Everyone is pumped for this show as it is the first ever vape convention in Bremen! There is a crazy long list of exhibitors just waiting for the doors to open up at 11 o’clock, so you all can make your way through to check out all the greatest vape products Europe has to offer.

Zach will be shipping out the goods for you all to get your hands on, so you can bypass all them crazy shipping costs. So yeah, think Pro 200 kits, Pro Mech 2 kits, Pro SubTank, Pro SubTank quad coils, SubTank Dual Post RBA and more! Plus Pro Coils, VGOD’s Premium Organic Cotton and VGOD Build Mats. And if that weren’t enough, you guys can score sweet VGOD threads like t-shirts, hoodies, hats or beanies, so you can rock the legit vape stilo.

Besides a ton of great vape gear at this show, you will find some surprise guests and big deal YouTubers chillin doing their thing. But, the real headliners are all the homies from Hamburger Jungz, Killroy Tattoo, Rater R Ink, and Lexinkton Tattoos that are ready to set you up with some real hellagit inkwork. No pressure, but who’s all super down to get ink’d?

Bremen’s Steamer Fair will take place on the grounds of Messe Bremen in Halle 4. The floorplan looks huge, so you will no doubt have plenty of stuff to dig. Event coordinators are promising that you will find “everything a steamer’s heart desires.” And, we gotta say we believe ‘em cuz the German homies don’t play around and well, VGOD is gonna be there. So, get your tickets like pronto! Check out for event tickets. The events page is the best place to get tickets to any show VGOD attends!

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