VGOD Berry Bomb

Howzit everyone? VGOD hopes you’re keeping up with all the action goin on round here at VGOD Headquarters! We’ve been tryin to keep it funky fresh by releasing as much new awesome e-juice and hardware as we can for all you to enjoy. You guys all know what’s up! VGOD is all about stylin, hard hittin hardware to give you the tastiest vape experience you can have with the freshest premium e-juice to keep you going all day! Which brings us to the point, the all new Bomb Line is making a serious impact on flavor town and we’re stoked to keep cruisin flavor lane

Berry Bomb, the second Bomb flavor, is a sour strawberry belt flavor that has a fresh twist to it that won’t leave you with an overloaded sugary aftertaste. It’s well balanced to bring you a diverse strawberry experience bursting with three very apparent stages of flavor. If you love strawberry flavored e-juices, then Berry Bomb will be another favorite you will want to add to your collection for a fresh all day vape.    

It’s a seriously fresh strawberry flavor on the start of the pull when all of a sudden you taste a sourishness come through at the back of your throat. On the exhale, a super sweet candied strawberry flavor is achieved with real dense vapor production for ultimate satisfaction! Throat hit is just right and isn’t too harsh on the exhale notes. VGOD Mixologists cannot be happier with their rendition of a sour strawberry belt. Berry Bomb is the ultimate sour strawberry candy, that is super fresh yet mellow, doesn’t overwhelm with too much sour and gives you plenty of sweetness on the finishing notes.

Berry Bomb is hella bangin to the taste buds! Are you ready for Berry Bomb? Best be gettin there cuz we’re all about it right now! Buy the all new Bomb Line today and know what Bomb flavor is all about!

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