Premium e Juices

If you want to join the new fad of vaping and still get the best out of it, then you should have some basic guidance on it. The major factor that makes people enjoy vaping is the e juice. Some people call it e liquid, liquid, or juice. You need to know what exactly this e liquid is and how it serves a purpose.

E liquid or e juice is used in electronic vaporizers or electronic cigarettes, which gets heated up and turns into vapor, which is inhaled. The e juice comes in a plethora of flavors and various nicotine strengths. Some e juices are available without nicotine content as well. E juice typically comprises a mixture of vegetable glycerin or VG, propylene glycol or PG, a small percentage of nicotine, ethyl alcohol, extracts or flavorings, and distilled water. All the e juices do not have the PG to VG mixture in the same ratio. The reputed companies extract organic juices to make the flavoring, which involves quite expensive and complex manufacturing process. E juices range from single simple flavor to multiple complex flavors, which offer a difference in taste when inhaled and exhaled. Even the taste after exhaling changes a bit when it comes to multiple flavors. Sometimes, uncommon items like caffeine and vitamins are also infused into the e juices.

E juices come in two categories – economy and premium. The two most common ingredients, VG and PG account for nearly ninety percent of the constituent in the bottle. The remaining ten percent constitutes that flavoring and the nicotine. The economy e juices constitute food grade flavorings and come in plastic bottles. On the other hand, premium e juice uses extracts from multiple food grade flavors and comes in fancy glass bottle packaging. Depending on the quality of nicotine, multiple or single flavors, glass bottle packaging, and the flavor recipes, e juices are categorized into economy and premium.

Steeping e juice is somewhat like making wine age and become a vintage. It brings out a smoother and deeper flavor with time. You have to shake the e juice and make sure the mixture is completely homogenized, before steeping. As e juices are highly sensitive to heat and light, which in turn speed up the nicotine oxidation process; e juice bottles need to be stored in cool, dark, and dry places. This slows the oxidation process and retains the original flavor for a longer period. E juices also get affected by extreme temperature changes. So, never let the e juice bottle in your car on an extremely cold or hot day. E juices can be safely stored in refrigerators and can be used for a long term. As glass bottles are better containers than cheap, plastic bottles, it is advisable to purchase premium e juice for the best vaping experience.  

Once you have acquired the basic know-how on e juice, check some reputable online retailers that sell only branded e juices. You can browse through their catalog and select the e juice of your choice. You can even start with a sample pack, containing different flavors and keep trying out till you find the perfect flavor.