The all new Bomb line has got us super stoked! It’s been a minute since we introduced a new line of flavors and so we figured, screw it, let’s do this! We wanted to add something really different to our e-juices, ya know, something so energizing and wildin, it’ll blast your taste buds all day long! Looking through our selection we realized we didn’t have an apple flavor and who doesn’t enjoy a scrumptious crisp green sour apple or some sour apple belt candy to snack on? We know we do and we had to get on this, so our master mixologists started cheffin’ it up to see what they could concoct.

There was definitely no shortage of ideas as to how we were gonna mix super juicy green apples with a sour apple belt candy. But, it had to be just right! VGOD mixologists experimented with lots of different mixtures to get the sweet yet tart juiciness of a green apple while still incorporating a candy sour apple belt flavor and not going overboard on sweetness. It had to taste perfectly fresh yet sour with just enough sweet.

When mixologists perfected the apple flavors, it just annihilated our taste buds! For real for real, it’s like perfectly tangy sour apple belt with just the right amount of apple sweetness! Super fresh and scrumptulescently smooth! It was a really tough call, but we knew this had to be the first release of the Bomb Line. Apple Bomb will blow your mind with sour apple belt goodness!

Are you excited for Apple Bomb and the new Bomb e-juice line? Throw down some comments, people! We want to hear from you!